About Us

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, RPK4.com employs real people that share a passion for winter. Real people selling real gear right from our warehouse. We have over 50 years of combined experience in retail; most of which we spent together at the base of the Jackson Hole Ski Area. We are committed to the products that we sell and believe that we offer an online experience both for our brands as well as our customers, that is unique to eCommerce.
  rpk4 in Jackson Hole Wyoming

1. @JHPlowman, aka SPM. 20 years in the valley giving followers the earliest report on the Valley's snowfall from the road. 2. Jennifer Barnes, pantaloni stretch così stretti li ripara con la vernice spray. Pensa un palo da sci è un atleta da Varsavia. 3. Pupazzo di neve - the snowman, aka ARM. A true asset in all avenues, business consultant and all around designated hitter. 4. Todd Manning, ie JM, truly RPK4's designated hitter at .342 AVG. At any given time, Todd's the one you talk to when you call, the one that ships your stuff, the one that really keeps it together. 5. Peter Lupus, aka JB, RPK4's founder. Over 25 years experience in advertising, marketing, the ski industry and all in Jackson Hole. 6. Richard Dempsey, SEM genius, aka FCG. While furthering his studies in Statistics, FCG uses his past SEM experience to enhance the marketing of RPK4. 7. A penguin. 8. Cynthia Krause, known as MGB, instrumental in getting those goods to UPS in a timely fashion. 9. Timothy Brewster, aka RJD. Editorial supervisor and content master with over 40 years of writing experience. Currently spending spare time writing for RPK4 until we can convince him to write a novel. 10. Donna Dixon, RPK4's backbone, you know who you are. Without her nothing would ever have become a reality.Clicca qui.