Flip Core is just one of the many innovations Blizzard has brought to the world of skiing since 1945, when Toni Arnsteiner made his first skis in his carpentry shop in MIttersill, Austria, after returning from World War II. He trademarked “Blizzard Ski” in 1953, and the next year Blizzard was the first ski manufacturer to use a polyethylene base.

Blizzard made its first metal skis in 1960 and 20 years later introduced the Blizzard Thermo, the first –temperature-controlled ski. Thermo was followed by Blizzard Quattro in 1983, Blizzard V 20 Absorber in 1999 and, in 2006, the same year that it joined the Tecnica Group, Blizzard launched the Blizzard IQ, a true fusion of ski and binding. The IQ system uses a track molded into the ski during manufacturing, which means the natural flex and performance of the ski are not affected by mounting, screwing, gluing or the binding itself.

In 2010, Blizzard received the European Ski Award for its IQ Full Suspension ski construction, a revolutionary technique in which a carbon fiber booster is embedded into the ski, resulting in high performance and maximum rebound. This means less vibration, maximum edge grip and less skier fatigue.

Today, Blizzard makes a full line of award-winning performance skis for men, women and juniors tailored to every skier’s needs, whether for performance, power or World Cup racing. Says Austrian World Cup Champion Mario Matt, “I have felt very comfortable with Blizzard skis since my first trial runs. They have the ability to unlock a lot of potential in me.”





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