Gear Over The Years

A look back through modern ski gear - post the wooden ski, the leather boot and the cable binding. The archive, although small, represents the equipment that paved the way for today’s technology; the dreams, the trends and the standards that makes up the gear for skiing.

Skis. It is almost unbelievable that only a short time ago, ski “shape” was the most important topic when buying a ski. But before that, purchasing a new ski was between slalom and GS, race or recreational. Ski technology has always been abuzz with new technologies like V.A.S., Prolink, honeycomb, ABS and Monocoque that have either evolved or simply faded away.

Boots. It seems that since the invention of the plastic ski boot, technological advances go mostly unnoticed - fit, performance, adjustability. The most visual of technologies (knee-highs, rear-entry) seem to merely become trends. With that said, the 3rd coming of the rear-entry ski boot is just around the corner, just you wait.

Bindings. First they held down your heel, then they released, then the toes released, then step ins, brakes, and upward toe release… Have you tested your bindings recently?

Accessories. The greatest of the sport - ski carriers, boot carriers, cross blocks, strapless grips - all the things that make us better skiers.

Art & Media

Posters, advertisements, product manuals, all capturing the vision of the sport throughout time. The media of the era, both from the brand and the community, greatly enhances the view of skiing way beyond the technology, design and graphics of the products, resulting in an overall view of the ever changing face of skiing.


This section of the archives breaks things down by the brands that have been a part of it all since the 1960s. Brand collections can include advertisements, editorials, manuals, ski models and products from a company’s past. An overwhelming project, at this point in time, brands with actual content are highlighted with color logos rather than grayscale.


Still cooking, should be done in time for dinner. An overall look at the gear categorized by the decade it was produced.