Allsop Boot-In


Allsop Boot-In



Classic ski boot accessory semingly replaced by the ski boot bag. Although the bag is much easier for travel, nothing says "skier" quite like the Allsop Boot-In.



  • Steel toe and heel retainers are practically designed and swivel connected to the stationary baseplate for maximum grip for any kind of alpine ski boot, as well as any type of apres-ski boots or shoes.
  • Patent filed on July 15, 1964 by Ivor J. Allsop of Allsop Automatic, Inc., Bellingham, Washington as the "Automatic Boot And Shoe Tree".
  • Molded from tough, space-age plastic with real steel toe and heel retainers. When combined with the Boot-In's slim profile and calculated design treatments, the result is a compact, lightweight desing that is bult to last.




Boot-In Boot-In