Nordica Competition Boot

Competition Boot

Nordica Competition Boot



The 1978 Nordica Competition was a dramatic new 3 buckle Rilsan boot that was designed as the ultimate in performance and performance adjustability. Features included individual heel width adjustment, rear spoiler for forward lean, individual internal canting adjustment, shock absorption system, micro adjustable buckles and a lasted inner boot with lace closure. Everything that a skier ever wanted in a racing boot and more.

according to product oonsultant Sven Coomer, the racing boot weve always wanted lo build." It is now Nordica's premier racing boot. The Comp offers several unique features. Its Rilsan nylon shell and tongue are wrapped with polyurethane bands which carry the buckling loads evenly around the foot and shin. The lasted leather inner boot laces - thats right, laces - tightly around the lower leg for a very controlled, adjustable fit. For firm control of heel position, there's a heel-width adjuster. When you turn a crank on the shells exterior the adjuster closes tightly around the heel. The crank also serves to anchor the middle buckle. A removable spoiler behind the calf adjusts forward lean, and shock absorbing rubber springs are built into the heel of the footbed to reduce fatigue. The Comp can be custom-fitted with the addition of Nordica's "varus'' heel wedge or by applying an adhesive shim to the outside of the inner boot. The result, says Coomer, is a "close, boxing-glove fit."



  • Individual heel width adjustment
  • Rear spoiler for forward lean
  • Individual internal canting adjustment
  • Shock absorption system
  • Micro adjustable buckles
  • Lasted inner boot with lace closure




Competition Boot Competition Boot