The Powder Shirt



I can’t speak for the country, but if you skied the Rockies in the 1970’s and 80’s, you had to have one of these. Essential ski gear for the powder hound. A pullover jacket from Mother Karen’s of Salt Lake City, Utah with a quarter zip and a velcro kangaroo pouch pocket on the front available in a rainbow of color options. If I remember correctly, you could even custom order the combo you wanted. The jacket became so popular that Frost Line Kits, a company supplying ready-to-sew kits from Denver, Colorado, released their own model for do-it-yourselfers everywhere. Made from “wind and water resistant” Poplin with a knit collar and tight-fitting knit cuffs and waistband. Not sure if it was the best jacket for a powder day but it worked well in the spring. Mine was black with grey arms (I seem to remember wanting grey with black arms) and the front pocket had more than enough room for my walkman.


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