I Want One – No. 27


Every so often you come across a real gem – just imagine yourself pulling into the parking lot of the ski area in this fully armored, apocalyptic snow cat. You would no doubt be the talk of the hill for some time.

So what is it really? Vintage snow cat? Military? Moving sculpture? Toy? If you chose all of the above then you would be correct. This vehicle was created for the M. Knight Shyamalan movie¬†¬†The Last Airbender¬†(never saw it) utilizing a 1979 Tucker Sno-cat model 1342. It runs and is powered by a Chrysler 318 V8 engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. The vehicle is fully armored and weighs about 7,000 pounds. It is 15′ long, 8′ wide and 9′ tall with room for two in the cab. Best part about it, it can be yours for the small asking price of $30,000, just click here.


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