1st International Ski Film Festival 1975


From SKI Magazine, January 1975:


In case you have a chance to see them, the winners of the First International Ski Film Festival held earlier this year in New York City are listed below; some or all of them should be making the free-click circuit of ski clubs and shops this very month.

Top prize winner was Willy Bogner’s “Skivision 74.” As with the other ski film winners, Bogner’s was shown in the Samsonite Theater at the Ski shows/Expo-winter ’74 put on by Harry Leonard during the early winter. Bogner (see SKI PEOPLE in this issue) has a marvelous eye and, in his film, gives you the benefit of that and a free-wheeling imagination.

Other winners:

Winter Sports Category: 1) “Skivision ’74” (also grand prize winer, above), 2) “glissando” (Swiss National Tourist Office), 3) “Ghost Town Skiers” (Hoag Productions; the only film with on-camera sound).

Ski Resorts and Travel category: 1) “It’s A Place Called Sun Valley” (Dick Barrymore), 2) “The Tod Mountain” (Petric Recreations Ltd.), 3) “Ski The Norway” (Caprino Film Center).

Ski racing and competition: 1) “Go For It” (Joe Jay Jalbert for Salomon – he was Redford’s cameraman in “Downhill Racer”), 2) “Day of Greatness” (Dick Barrymore, produced by Lange, Dynamic, Look-Nevada), 3) Tie – “Ski Your Buns Off” (Sisselman and Goss) and “Time To Go For It” (Wild Bill Films for Raichle).

Ski Equipment, Training and Technique: 1) “Nordica – A Feel for the Snow” (Warren Miller for Beconta), 2) “Burt Retractable Bindings” (Dick Barrymore), 3) “Ghost Riders” (Fat City Films for Spademan).

TV Films: 1) “International Professional Skiing Championships” (ABC), 2) “Freedom” (Film Cell Co. for Rossignol), 3) “Ski Tips by Rudi Wyrsch” (Ski Three).

Special Mention: “The BOLD Challenge” (Fat City Films, a film about the blind learning to ski).

SKI Magazine, January 1975


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