Technology 2015


So . . .

Walking the aisles of the 2015 Snowsports Industries of America Show (SIA) in Denver, we come across this little beauty.¬†Introducing Ohski, a suspension device for both skis and snowboards that (from the manufacturer’s website):

This equipment will allow people to ski safer, easier, and without the use of heavy boots or skis attached to your feet.

Carve the Slopes Better and Have More Fun with Ohski!

The prototype at the show weighed in at 11 pounds, although the production version will be lighter as it will be a cast version rather than milled aluminum.

Our understanding is that a snowboard binding is required (not sure how a ski boot in a snowboard binding is going to work, but then again you don’t need a ski boot) as the system itself clamps into the binding. Once on the hill the skier (or boarder) finds themselves almost six inches off the ski.

Apparently this product is currently in use at Vail, so look out for it and let us know.


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