Film: White Magic

Willy Bogner’s film for 1994, White Magic, premiered in St. Moritz, Switzerland, November 1994. 500 of Bogner’s closest friends and 150 journalists were all given a large “white Magic” duffle bag containing, among other thins, a white jacket, white pants, a white sweatshirt, white hat and a white flashlight. The white suit, being the official invite to the premier party, soon overtook the streets of St. Moritz. The guests were then taken to the summit by tram, every member receiving a glass of champagne at the mid station. While the restaurant at the summit was alive with music, food and libations, the “theater” was outside – the projector, sound equipment and lighting on one side, a football field sized screen standing opposite across a 300 foot ravine. But the grander was not to stop there. During the film, live action was occurring on the snow above and around the screen – if there was snowboarding on the screen or paragliding, there also were real snowboarders and paragliders on the snow. Wow.

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