Josef Fischer


From SKIING Magazine September 1975:

John, Robert and Franz were returning home from a day of skiing when they had a fatal car accent on the interstate.
On their passage to heaven, they made the customary check-in with Saint Peter, who, it seems, is a fanatical skier.
In addition to the routine questions, Saint Peter asked each of the skiers which brand of skis they owned during their earthly days.

Said John, “Saint Peter, I skied on Rossignols.”

“Oh, nice skis,” responded Saint Peter. “You may proceed into heaven.”

Robert cautious now, related as to how he skied on Atomics. “Fine skis” said Saint Peter. “Proceed into heaven.”

Franz, certain he had owned the best skis of all, was stunned when Saint Peter hung his head at the answer, “Fischer”. “What’s wrong?” asked a worried Franz.

“I’m sorry,” said Saint Peter, “but you cannot be admitted to heaven. You’ve already had heaven on earth.”

–Josef Fischer

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