1975: How to dress for skiing

From the November 1975 issue of SKIING Magazine:

The Complete Ski Wardrobe

1 pair thin liner socks
1 pair thermal or wool socks
1 pair liner gloves
1 pair insulated ski gloves or mittens
1 pair thermal underwear (top and bottom)
2 lightweight turtlenecks
1 windshirt
1 ski sweater
1 insulated ski parka
1 pair stretch pants
1 pair insulated pants or overalls
1 warm hat (that covers the ears)
1 pair of ski goggles
1 down-filled vest (for spring or western skiing)
1 protective skin cream

Additonally, a few tips on putting your ski wardrobe together:

  • Keeping dry is essential; a water-repellent or water-proof parka is a must. If its rainy, wear a rain shell or poncho and pants.
  • Try “layering” with light-weight clothing to keep warm. Start with thermal underwear; add a soft, thin turtleneck, then a wind shirt, next a sweater, and then a parka.
  • Layer your hands and feet as well.
  • Wool makes an excellent insulator next to skin.
  • Fishnet underwear is another excellent insulator. It creates warm air pockets next to the skin.

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