Happy 50th Snurfer!

Christmas 1965, Sherman Poppen took a pair of kid’s skis, bound them together and sent his 2 daughters outside to test his idea out in the Michigan snow.  Seeing the fun his daughters were having standing on the contraption and sliding down the hills, Poppen spent the next months refining the idea and patented his design in 1966 as a “Surf-Type Snow Ski.” His wife suggested combining the words “snow” and “surfer” and the iconic Snurfer was born.

Poppen licensed the invention to the Brunswick  Corporation, production models being made from the same laminated wood used for bowling lanes and becoming commercially available for the winter of 1966.

Now, during the 50th year of the Snurfer, Poppen has endorsed Brew and Vew-Do Balance Boards to bring the Snurfer back, opening the door to a whole new generation of snow surfers, as well as connecting with those of us that remember the Snurfer all to well. Pick up one of 6 different models starting at $99.95by visiting snurferboards.com.


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