Better Off Dead

Nothing like a pair of RD Coyote skis and Marker MRR bindings to ski something as daunting as the K12.

“Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

A classic hollywood ski film (naturally fitting the romantic comedy genre) from 1985 that oozes dark comedy and is of subject matter that probably would never be made today. Savage Steve Holland wrote and directed the film about Lane Meyer, a teen whose girlfriend dumps him for  the captain of the ski team, Roy Stalin. Rejected and feeling low, Meyer decides suicide is the answer until he meets the French foreign exchange student Monique who is living across the street who turns Lane’s world around.

While some of the skiing scenes were shot at Snowbird, most were shot at Alta.

Holland really thought the movie was going to be a huge hit – Siskel & Ebert gave it two thumbs down and John Cusack actually hated the movie. Opening weekend in 1985 grossed $2.5M, ranked 138 in 1985 opening weekends and 82 for the year. Although not exactly what Holland was hoping for, the fact that it has grossed over $10M in its lifetime leads one to conclude that it is in fact, a hit.

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