Freedom of Choice 1980


As noted by our associate shortbus, DEVO’s third album Freedom of Choice was released today back in 1980. This album was a noticeable departure from guitars and into the incoming world of the synthesizer, in fact, their 5th album Oh, No! It’s Devo was completely absent of guitar. Freedom of Choice also resulted in DEVO’s biggest hit, reaching #14 on the Billboard charts (you know the song). Fans of the album would also argue that Freedom of Choice, Girl U Want and Gates of Steel were fairly popular.


Side One:
1. Girl U Want
2. It’s Not Right
3. Whip It
4. Snowball
5. Ton o’ Luv
6. Freedom of Choice

Side two
1. Gates of Steel
2. Cold War
3. Don’t You Know
4. That’s Pep!
5. Mr. B’s Ballroom
6. Planet Earth

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