Today the lights went out at, a fairly respectable forum for the world of skiing. It was a great research source for our archives and will be greatly missed, although…Read More

Changing Seasons

With the first snowfall comes the realization that its almost time to retire some of our activities. For that purpose we revisit both FIS and recreational grass ski racing (Hysteria isn’t exactly my…Read More

First Snow

Not the first snow of 2016, rather the first snow of the upcoming season. Unfortunately it is a bit early compared to recent years, but maybe the next snowfall won’t…Read More

Border War 2016

The Pokes brought the bronze boot home tonight following their 38-17 victory over long-time rivals Colorado State. Tonight’s game marked the 25th and final Border War at Hughes Stadium in Fort…Read More

Fischer Fischer Fischer

The originally scheduled post for today (ironic as it is) has been rescheduled until tomorrow. Big news at Fischer today, just waiting for the official release to start ranting…

Time Machine: 1975

This season’s 50 year flashback includes some real beauties to be featured in future posts. Some of the topics to be visited include: Mary Jane Ski Area Scott strapless grips…Read More

Happy 50th Birthday!

Quinquagenarians (Golden Jubilee) Ford Mustang Atlanta Braves National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) The Superbowl The stadium concert (Beatles) The Gateway Arch Teton Village Sports Jackson Hole Ski Area Mary Jane…Read More

The Other Brands

  Inspiration has hit and its time to see just what else is out there on the market. Here is a list of “boutique” ski and board manufacturers we will be…Read More

Bogner 2015-2016

For those that are interested, here are the color boards for next year’s line of outerwear from Bogner. Rather than base the line on a series of themes as has…Read More

RIP Bill Waugh

Bill Waugh, founder of Denver’s  Casa Bonita Mexican restaurant and other eateries across the Southwest, died at age 79 on Tuesday. Casa Bonita, founded in Oklahoma City in 1968 and expanded to…Read More

RIP Jay Adams

  You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding. -Jay Adams

Gin & Tonic

  Sipping a good gin and tonic is like finding a 20th-century oxford shirt in the closet and realizing that you can still wear it downtown tonight without looking out…Read More

SIA Snow Show on TV

See what happen at the 2014 SIA Snow Show on NBC’s Universal Sports, Saturday, February 8, from 7 to 8 PM ET.  This program will be an exclusive, one-hour TV…Read More


This Archaeopteryx fossil, the Thermopolis Specimen (WDC CSG 100) was discovered in Bavaria in 2005 and donated to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming. The fossil has the best-preserved…Read More

Where Are They Now? Garcia

  Garcia was a ski importer in the United States. Their brands included Fischer, Marker, Humanic boots, Uvex and Allsop Poles and boot-ins.  

Coming This Spring

Beginning May 6th, Budweiser will be introducing a limited edition can in the shape of its iconic bow tie logo.

Dr. Seuss

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you…Read More

Today on the Town Square

With the end of the summer farmer’s market on the town square comes celebration. Among the things to look forward to is the temporary return of Billy’s Burgers.

Friday Fire Update

Morning Update 9/14 Incident: Horsethief Canyon Wildfire Released: 57 min. ago Horsethief Canyon Fire Morning Update Friday, September 14, 2012 Contact Fire Information: 307.739.5577 Size: 3,324 acres Percent Contained: 36% Resources: 8 Helicopters; 43…Read More

Evacuation order alert lifted

TETON CO EMER MGMT: UPDATE 9/13/12 7:30p – Evacuation Advisory for east Jackson has been lifted. No Evac Advisories or Orders in Teton Co

RIP Tom Sims

I started skateboarding sometime in the mid 70’s. After I saw my first Skateboarder Magazine in 1977, all I could think of was owning a Sims skateboard and some pure…Read More

Tuesday Fire Update

TETON CO EMER MGMT: UPDATE 9/11/12 10:15a – Evac Advisory still in effect for east Jackson. Stay prepared, stay tuned for further info.


Residents in East Jackson, from south of Broadway and east of Redmond Street are being asked to prepare for a possible mandatory evacuation. BE PREPARED Stressful day today as the…Read More

Where Are They Now? Beconta

  Beconta was one of the largest ski importers in the United States. Their brands included Völkl, Nordica and Look.   From Sports Illustrated, July 11, 1966 by Julie Campbell…Read More

Rock and Roll

Quick trip to SLC for a quiet evening with Mike Ness and Social Distortion.  

Product Testing

  Full winter-like conditions were encountered during this week’s alternative product tests. JB took on a number of roles at a farm in extreme southeast Idaho, remaining warm and comfortable…Read More

100 Years

About this time, in 1912, the RMS Titanic fell to the bottom of the North Atlantic, claiming 68% of its passengers, 1,514 lives. September 1, 1985 marked the location of…Read More

Asian Carp Menace

WARNING: This post may not be suitable for everyone. I find it refreshing. With the end of spring comes a daunting responsibility all over the world: the defending of the…Read More

Martini Rant – Pt. 1

They gave me a salad with my martini.” — L.C. Please refer to the first paragraph of Wikipedia, as well as the International Bartender’s Association recognized recipe: —WIKIPEDIA Preparation Pouring…Read More

Outdoor Retailer Day 1

  Bumped into Teton Village Sports‘ one-and-only, Muff Muhlfeld between appointments , attempting to navigate his way through the labrynth of new gear that is Outdoor Retailer: Tradeshow Tips Get…Read More

Today’s Office View

A viable day of product testing is going on right at this very moment. Through the glory that is technology, the iPhone has taken images, posted them to the rant…Read More

Little Shop of Horrors

Even though it appears to be a scene from Halloween III,  these photos are real life Jackson Hole. Submitted by RPK4correspondent TK who was fortunate enough to be part of…Read More

WYO 22, CSU 19

Deep in CSU country, a lone Wyoming fan celebrates the Cowboys’ victory over the Colorado State Rams. For the third year in a row Wyoming comes home with the Bronze…Read More

I Do Declare . . .

I’m just going to throw it out there – yesterday was the last day for grass in 2011. 7am this morning and there is already 4″ of snow on the…Read More


Considering the time it takes a digital camera to actually make a picture once you push the button, this may very well be one of the greatest pictures ever. Photo…Read More

What we are looking for…

The goal of this site is to do something different – “…in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.”  It is our hope we can surpass our goals…

Outdoor Retailer

Its show time. Outdoor Retailer begins tomorrow at 9am at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City and goes through Sunday. Time to check out the goods for 2012. Stay…Read More


Rub ’em and smoke ’em; ribs, turkey, pork, beef, whatever; and serve ’em with a lot of sauce on the side. I just got back from a trip to Kansas…Read More


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