Fischer RC4

This advertisement from Fischer really brings things together for 1976. There’s the man, the Kaiser, in the yellow suit with the red helmet and white stripe; it’s the Olympic downhill…Read More

Ski Wall: 1976-1977

The big news for the upcoming ski season looks like “long softies” – something everyone seems to have produced at least one ski model intended for fast bump and powder skiing.…Read More

The Full Monty: Fischer

The November 2015 Fischer Ski website presents 41 models (not including race stock, junior and touring) in 7 categories: RC4 SERIES (not race stock) RC4 World Cup RC Pro, $1050 RC4 World Cup…Read More


Introduced by Scott for the 1975-1976 season, the patented strapless grip was available as an option on many poles in the line. “safer, easier to use, and it will teach…Read More

Josef Fischer

  From SKIING Magazine September 1975: John, Robert and Franz were returning home from a day of skiing when they had a fatal car accent on the interstate. On their…Read More

Film: White Magic

Willy Bogner’s film for 1994, White Magic, premiered in St. Moritz, Switzerland, November 1994. 500 of Bogner’s closest friends and 150 journalists were all given a large “white Magic” duffle…Read More

The Smith Sundance PMT

  As the end of ski season creeps closer, advertisers in the ski magazines begin to change – historically speaking – from gear and outerwear to adult beverages, automobiles and electronics.…Read More

Snowboarding: January 1985

  Although sliding on barrel staves was around at the beginning of the century, 1964 saw the real introduction with Sherman Poppen’s “Snurfer”. 1970 saw the appearance of Winterstick with…Read More

Oh boy . . .

  While researching the September 1977 issue of SKIING Magazine I bumped into this little jewel on page 16. Now its all about finding one, size medium.    

September Time Machine

  1974 SKIS: Trends for the season move away from technology and move toward what the ski model can do for a particular skier type. Rather than simply offering racing and…Read More

Rear View: 40 Years

Burt bindings, K2 boots, Volkl uses carbon, the Salomon 505, K2 Threes, Fives and Bermuda Shorts, Wayne Wong, hot dogging and Jean Claude Killy returns to competition.


Monday brought its own set of challenges this week as the rental shop at Teton Village Sports was unable to provide something of relevance for the Monday flashback. With that…Read More

Rear Entry Monday

Another day in the rental shop at TVS, another flashback. The Salomon SX92 – not the Equipe model – the remnants of silcone wafting from within. Sadly, silicone spray was…Read More