Better Off Dead


Nothing like a pair of RD Coyote skis and Marker MRR bindings to ski something as daunting as the K12. “Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your…Read More

The Smith Sundance PMT


  As the end of ski season creeps closer,¬†advertisers in the ski magazines begin to change – historically speaking – from gear and outerwear to adult beverages, automobiles and electronics.…Read More

Snowboarding: January 1985


  Although sliding on barrel staves was around at the beginning of the century, 1964 saw the real introduction with Sherman Poppen’s “Snurfer”. 1970 saw the appearance of Winterstick with…Read More

September Time Machine


  1974 SKIS:¬†Trends for the season move away from technology and move toward what the ski model can do for a particular skier type. Rather than simply offering racing and…Read More